Auditory Discrimination Therapy – maintenance    

This is an occasional auditory training to maintain the neuroplastic brain changes.  This is optional and not needed by everyone.  Most people find it helpful to spend a few minutes a week doing frequency-specific auditory training, working to maintain their improvements (like one would practice a sport or musical instrument to maintain their skills). Research has shown that some people with tinnitus continue to improve, while others are able to maintain better with continued auditory discrimination therapy training.  Some don’t feel the need for continued training.  

This page provides a resource of links to specific maintenance training pages.  Your access allows you to train as often as you feel is helpful in your specific situation.

  • Your access will be available, upon request, after reaching the last phase of the program.
  • A specific training set is included with your Tinnitus Synergy (TinSyn) program.
  • Access may be renewed when the membership access expires.
  • Extra ADT-maintenance programs may be purchased separately.  Some people like to experiment with training for different frequencies.  Please contact us if you are interested.