Tinnitus reduced from 82/100 to 8

(Click this link to Watch the video: .) “Dr. Hobbs was not the first doctor I went to…in fact, he was the last.”

I think this is great…

I think this is great, I started and it feels lighter yet. I will do it dayly, thank you very much!

The T is almost completely gone

After massaging it for a couple seconds, the T is almost completely gone. It has been a solid 5 to 10 minutes now with this reduction.

Very, very helpful.

Very, very helpful. Thanks. I had actually found some of these trigger points just on my own. Knowing your own body per say. I have no one to find them for me so I have to do myself.

…then it became silent

Thank you so much for detail explanations . I did this techniques and noise decreased then suddenly increased very loud then became silent . Changing sound of ringing to silent high frequency . Have to continue to do it everyday . In neck and shoulders a lot of trigger points . I rub shoulder trigger …

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Very very helpful

Very very helpful. Thank you so much. tinnitus can be really horrible and this treatment I will continue to self-apply. Thanks again.

My tinnitus got less shrill

I used your technique on my neck, just below the skull and my tinnitus got less shrill after about 10 mins of doing it. I will continue to use this. Thanks!