Are Supplements Good for Tinnitus?

I wanted to share the findings of new research with you.

The study is titled “Survey on the Effectiveness of Dietary Supplements to Treat Tinnitus.”  Anytime you analyze a study for useful information you need to consider how the study was done.  This one was a questionnaire on a website.  So, there was no control group and the results were simply the opinion of the person taking the supplement.  That makes the conclusion of this study VERY limited.  With that in mind, let’s see what the results were.

71% of the folks said that the supplements had no effect on their tinnitus.  That’s disappointing for them, but then, 19% said they thought it did help.  The concerning aspect is that 10 said they thought it made their tinitus worse.  Here are other details:

  • helpful for sleep: melatonin (effect size, d = 1.2) and lipoflavonoid (d = 0.5);
  • helpful for emotional reactions: melatonin (d = 0.6) and lipoflavonoid (d = 0.5);
  • helpful for hearing: Ginkgo biloba (d = 0.4);
  • and concentration Ginkgo biloba (d = 0.4)

You may not have heard of lipoflavinoid.  It is a specific vitamin combination, including C, a few B’s and bioflavinoids (which are other plant nutrients, including potentially thousands).  This combination will be in any QUALITY multivitamin.  Remember that the there is no quality 1-a-day multivitamin, since 99.5% of them use cheap ingredients — that’s how they get 100% of the RDA for the listed ingredients.  Quality multivitamins will usually have 2-4/day dosage.

Conclusion: Vitamins will help some people’s tinnitus, but not most people.  All vitamins should be added to a good diet, like the Mediterranean or the M.I.N.D. diet, which I recommend for brain and body health.

Have a great day.