Tinnitus Recovery Score       

Wouldn’t you like to know your odds of recovering from tinnitus?

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REAL solutions for most tinnitus cases are never easy, and some are crazy expensive. Now you, and everyone else, has access to the free online Healthy Brain MAP-t tool that will tell you if a particular tinnitus solution will improve YOUR case of tinnitus.  We call the result the Tinnitus Recovery scores.

Now you can better know your odds of recovering from tinnitus.

Of course, it does not replace a good physician’s evaluation.  You still need to be evaluated for contributing health problems, but once that is done and treatable health causes are addressed, this tool will let you know what solutions are likely to help you.  Research has shown that there are several predisposing factors and only 2 common causes of tinnitus.  We score the PREDISPOSING FACTORS in the questionnaire call the “Healthy Brain Lifestyle score,” and the 2 common CAUSES in the “Brain & Muscle MAP-t score.”

This tool uses simple questions and complex (behind-the-scenes) algorithms to understand your tinnitus profile and give you a report of what will likely help and how likely it is to help.

Healthy Brain & Muscle MAP-t stands for Healthy Brain Lifestyle and Brain & Muscle Mal-adaptation & Auditory Profile for tinnitus.  That complicated name is why we just call it the Tinnitus Recovery score.

The online tool generates a report to explain the results. The report tells you what may help you and why it is recommended.  The results are divided into 3 sections:

  1. The 1st section is the Recommendations
  2. The 2nd section is the Summary
  3. The 3rd one is the Details

I’m ALSO excited for the FUTURE of this tool and the score for developing even BETTER tinnitus solutions and more accurate PREDICTIONS of WHICH people will be helped by WHAT solution. I love helping people, but I’m also a bit of a RESEARCH nut.  We have some very good scoring and SOLUTION tools and techniques, but I KNOW we will get better if we pay attention to the details in the scores and we are specific in helping people apply the solutions.

The Tinnitus Recovery score incorporates all this information related to a Healthy Brain Lifestyle:

  • Quality Food Intake
  • Sleep  
  • Mind Affecting body
  • Mind being Negatively Affected   
  • Interfering with Activities
  • Physical Fitness Assessment

…and all this information related to Muscle and Brain Adaptation:

  • Tinnitus Handicap Inventory(THI), with Functional, Emotional, & Catastrophic subscales
  • Hearing test results?
  • Tinnitus Loudness Avg
  • Tone Profile
  • Tinnitus Duration?
  • Makes Tinnitus worse
  • Makes Tinnitus better
  • Neck Symptoms
  • Head-forward Posture
  • TMJ Symptoms