Muscle Care for Tinnitus

It used to be that we thought hearing loss and the related brain changes were the only cause of tinnitus, but we now know that head, neck, and jaw muscles and their related nerves may be an even more common cause.  What we know with certainty is that proper muscle care reduces or even eliminates tinnitus in many people.

The video below is what started it all.  Even though it is only an “evaluation” video, following the steps has dramatically reduced or eliminated tinnitus for hundreds of people.

Here is an example of one of the worksheets.    You will be able to print these out and mark your self-evaluation findings on this page so that you know the exact spots you need to spend your time on.  Also, if the problem subsides, you stop the therapy, and one day it worsens again, just pull out the worksheets and you know the most likely spot to work on for your personalized cause.  And, if you want a massage therapist to help you, take these marked worksheets to them and they will know right where to help you most.

Trigger Point Record Sheet
Trigger Point Therapy

If you like that, I’m sure you will love the whole package.

The worksheets alone will give you loads of helpful tips on where to find the critical trigger points that contribute to tinnitus and headaches.  When you combine these with the easy-to-follow videos, it takes a complicated, research-driven science and makes it accessible to anyone.

If you have more questions, the best place to start is the SAMPLE program. If you still have questions, you can email us at [email protected] or call (USA)  1-559-635-8266.

Some words from a few folks who applied the techniques and posted their results on YouTube at this link:heavytom89 —  “This is amazing. Your method really helped me. THANK YOU SO MUCH…well just putting pressure on these points you showed and massage it for about 5 minutes on each place “especially the upper skull” worked for me. Like pressure being relieved. And i know its no placebo cause i have tried so many things before.” Sidrah Ahmed —  “I actually heard silence for the first time in a long time while doing this… if I continuously massage daily can it cure tinnitus?”

Jared Maynard — “All I can really say is at this point after waking from my normal food crash/nap at work, using the Tinnitus Distress Rating (TDR) scale of 0 (no tinnitus) to 10 (worst possible tinnitus) it was a solid 9. After playing the video for both sides and following along the noise level dropped down to 3 and 4 and that’s a very good thing! Oh and before I forget I also have sleep apnea, as if it was not complicated enough,…”

More words from a few folks who applied the techniques and posted their results on YouTube at this link:BLFulle –– Thank you so much for this video. I have had a bad earache for weeks and this helped. I had gone to the doctor and it wasn’t infected so I’ve just been suffering. This gave me a lot of relief tonight.
Marieke vd bos— I think this is great, I started and it feels lighter yet. I will do it dayly, thank you very much!
JustBJulz — I used your technique on my neck, just below the skull and my tinnitus got less shrill after about 10 mins of doing it. I will continue to use this. Thanks!
Rmw Brown— Thank you so much for taking time to share this.  I tried this, and it nearly illuminated the buzzing in my years!!!!  THANKS!!!!

Disclaimer:  This information has been compiled by Dr. Hobbs, but this information is for educational purposes only.  Use of this information does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between doctor Hobbs and yourself.  Results vary based on many factors.  If your problem persists, please contact your doctor.  Always follow your personal doctor’s advice, even if it is contrary to what is recommended in this program.

Risks with applying therapy to front of neck:  There is a risk with this procedure. The 2 situations that present at least theoretical riskinclude much plaque in the carotid artery and hypersensitivity of the carotid sinus. The contraindication includes: probable presence of plaque or the presence of carotid bruits, recent myocardial or cerebral ischemia, or previous ventricular tachyarrhythmias and procedures  and medication related to these(carotid endarterectomy: a surgical procedure for cleaning out the carotid artery and restoring blood flow to the brain. Other related procedures include coronary bypass, stinting or angioplasty. Blood clots are also related to plaque build-up, so look out for medications that include blood thinners and anticoagulants).  You can read more here: and here But, if you use the “Pincher” method I teach, you are much less likely to even involve the carotid artery or carotid sinus.  Both are located deep to (under) the SCM.  (See this picture: The external jugular vein overlies the muscle and is not of concern.