Intro to Tinnitus Synergy SAMPLE

When you purchase membership to the Tinnitus Synergy program, you gain access to all 3 phases.

This full, 3-phase Tinnitus Synergy program is the full expression of Dr. Hobbs’ distance learning, self-help series. Nothing is held back, and it is always being improved. Once you’ve been introduced to the best practices in this course, you can always navigate to the other courses’ lessons straight from the links below.

If you haven’t seen the video below, please start there. It will briefly give you an idea of of how all the pieces of the program work together to help you recover.

  • Extra Bonus: Priority Sheet. We take your Tinnitus Recovery score results and analyze them to find what will likely work best, most quickly, and most effectively for a situation like yours. If you haven’t completed your Tinnitus Recovery score, get that done first. With Tinnitus Synergy – All-inclusive purchases, the “Priority Sheet” is formulated and sent to you as a bonus. Here’s a sample of the Priority Sheet, which we will explain more later.

Special Note: In this free SAMPLE tour, you will navigate to other open access parts of the website to get you familiar with them. It will often look very similar to the SAMPLE. That can be confusing. If you click “Next Lesson” and the next lesson is locked, it will redirect you to the course homepage for payment. That can be frustrating. There are 2 ways to help avoid that or get out of that:

  • Notice the blue course title banner on the top-left, above the course content listing. Now, you see that it says Tinnitus Synergy – free SAMPLE .” If it is different, you are in a different, paid course. If you have not paid for it, it is an open access lesson of that course.
  • Often you will see the banners and “Resume” button shown below.
  • When you’ve finished looking around, you may return to the SAMPLE lesson to continue your tour by either using the browser back-arrow or using the “Resume” button. Note: “Resume” takes you to the lesson right after the last lesson you marked “Complete.”

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