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Welcome to the Tinnitus Synergy – SAMPLER. What we’ll do is show you around a little bit.  Really, we will show you how to show yourself around.  We could just make a video as you watch us do the course , but I want you to experience navigating the course for yourself — at least get a taste of it. To do that, we have given you OPEN ACCESS to several lessons and topics. For the most part, we have embedded them at the beginning of each section of the paid programs so that you can see how it all fits together. This SAMPLER course will walk you around with a little guided tour to those different areas.  That way, if you move ahead with a purchase later, you will be ready to jump right in.  By the way, we use “course” and “program” interchangeably. We mean essentially the same thing. The “course” is the information we provide; the “program” is the personal recovery and healing process that you walk through as we help you find what emphasis and path through the course works best for you.

The free-accessible lessons will have a little blue unlocked icon next to the title. We will link you directly to them from this SAMPLER Tinnitus Synergy course, but you can identify them anytime this way.

After you get started on our walk-through, you can always use these title links below if you want to navigate straight to the beginning of certain parts of the Tinnitus Synergy .