Intro to & Sample of Auditory Discrimination Therapy (ADT-s)

If you are interested in the story of how auditory discrimination therapy came to be studied and used by Tinnitus Synergy, you can read about that at Brief History & Science of ADT-S.

The “S” is for “Synergy.”  Just as with our whole-body, whole-person, holistic approach to health and wellness, auditory discrimination is no different.  By now you know that the Healthy Brain Lifestyle is an important part of that synergistic approach, but even within the ADT-S itself we include synergy.  For example, attention, natural sound spectrum, interest, effort, and imagination are incorporated for maximum results. As chiropractic neurologists, practicing functional or rehabilitative neurology, some of the fancy work we do and focus on and teach others to do for neurological recovery is just common sense.

Just like learning to read, to play the piano, to understand and apply math concepts, or remembering a new person’s name, restoring or improving function to dysfunctional areas of the brain works better and lasts longer with attention, natural environment, interest, effort, and imagination.  We continue working on new and better approaches that we incorporate.

We develop and deliver the auditory discrimination with several other software platforms to come up with a product that is accessible on essentially all devices, is as data-efficient as possible, as simple to use as possible, and works well on almost all browsers. Of course we are working to make improvements as we balance keeping costs low for you and delivering an excellent product.

Let’s continue to the sample of the Auditory Discrimination Therapy by Synergy, the ADT-S Sample.

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