Tinnitus Recovery score Priority sheet

  • The Tinnitus Recovery score is what leads many people to our program, and certainly to understanding and purchasing the whole program. You have likely reviewed your score.  The free results are quite useful and can be applied with the help of various professionals…and I encourage that. We keep the Tinnitus Recovery score free and easily accessible so that many people will use it, many people will benefit, and more of the people who choose to purchase our program will be a really good fit and benefit greatly. For those reasons, we encourage you to share it with others: https://www.tinnitussynergy.com/tinnitus-recovery-score-part-1/ .
  • The Priority Sheet purpose: It helps you apply the results within the Tinnitus Synergy program.  This is only available to those who purchase the full Tinnitus Synergy course. The broad scope of our program is both a strength and a weaknesses.  It seems to cover it all: structural, chemical, mental, nutritional, muscular, neurological. Yes, it would be great to go through every lesson and every topic, but your goal is not to become a tinnitus treatment expert; it is to have less tinnitus volume and irritation. Each person is unique. Each tinnitus cause is unique. Each path to improvement is unique. We want to help you invest your time in the most wise, efficient way possible. The Priority Sheet provides the most likely path to be the quickest and most effective, that is both natural and can be done on your own. 
  • Priority Sheet Overview: Let’s start by opening up a sample Tinnitus Recovery score Priority Sheet.  You will find that in the materials tab.  You will see that it is broken down into main sections, sets of rows: Healthy Brain Lifestyle, Muscle Care, Auditory, and Records. Then you see the Part 1 and Part 2 Summaries.  The first 3 sections are the 3 phases of the program.  They are called phases, because it’s almost always best to do them in that order. Nevertheless, what is really best is to do what gets the results you want most quickly and eventually gets the most results overall.  With that in mind, we run your score through a prioritization algorithm, comparing it to the results others have gotten, in light of the magnitude of your specific score.  This gives you a little better focus as to which path to take, which elements of the program to invest your time in first, second, and so on.  You are free to go through the program however you like.  The Recovery score and Priority Sheet are just educational guides — certainly not a diagnosis nor prescription.
  • Priority / Score column: The “Priority” applies to the first 3 sections. These 3 sections are also the main 3 courses within the program: Healthy Brain Lifestyle, Muscle Care, and Auditory Discrimination Therapy.
  • Look for #1, and click on the link or head over to that course section.
  • Start at the BEGINNING of the course that your priority #1 lesson is a part of. The first time you do a lesson within a course, this is the best way to start.    For example, in the sample Priority Sheet, #1 is in the row labeled: “CBT-MRt[D,Q,R] – Muscle Relaxation.” It is the Healthy Brain Lifestyle section, so go to the beginning of the Healthy Brain Lifestyle course, There will be some helpful information in each course that you will need to familiarize yourself with.
  • After getting comfortable with applying priority #1 information, open up priority #2 and start learning and applying that information. With each topic, I will give you an idea of about how long the average time it takes to get comfortable applying the information. Of course, you go at the pace you are comfortable with and that your present life allows.