Intro to the Healthy Brain Lifestyle (in TinSyn)

The Healthy Brain Lifestyle is good for everyone. Please view the following introductory information to become familiar with it.

Our research has shown that those with a “Healthy Brain Lifestyle” respond better to the other tinnitus treatments.  Research by others has shown that the “Healthy Brain Lifestyle” approach provides consistent and significant improvement for the majority of tinnitus sufferers.

Here are some quick links to the individual elements of the Healthy Brain Lifestyle, for convenient use later.

Sleep is Good

This program includes a treasure chest of helpful information in the form of audios, worksheets, and protocols that give step-by-step help for you to address what you:

  • Eat, Drink: Return to Quality Food. Take the mystery out of the menu. Learn to apply the principles that don’t change with the tides. We cover the important food basics for understanding and wrap it up with a bow at the end where you simply apply what your learned in little steps that fit your life.
  • Breath: Clean air is important. Full and relaxing breathing allows you to cleanse your body and relax your physiology at the same time. We walk you through the simple steps.
  • Think: Relaxation comes naturally for some. We teach you how to make your own mind the peaceful place where rest or work can happen when and how you choose.
  • Sleep: Learn about the symbolic “Bed bugs” and “Security blankets” that prevent or promote your restful sleep. Apply proven techniques to get good sleep.
  • Move: How you move and how you sit and sleep are critical to toxicity, pain, sleep, and affect your attention and productivity. We cover the best (most effective and quick) exercise approaches and teach you how to find simple, inexpensive solutions for posture sitting, sleeping, and moving problems that are causing you irritation.