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   Cleanse Your Whole Body   

To “Cleanse” means to clean out.  This involves what you Eat, Drink, Breathe, and how you Think, Move and Sleep.  It is living in a way that supports brain (and whole body) health.  It means addressing what goes in to your body and mind in order to support the natural growth, maintenance, and restoration of the body and mind.  The spirit is also intertwined, but in this cleanse, we only address the physical and mental influences.

The Cleanse program is both less and more than the Healthy Brain program.

  • It is less, in that it does not include all of the the individual program scoring access and as much explanation as is found in the individual programs.
  • It is more, it that it integrates all of them, to some degree, into a package.  Also, includes the entire Return to Quality Food program.

Once you have purchased the subscription to “Cleanse” or the more encompassing programs: the Healthy Brain program (HBp) or the full Tinnitus Synergy program, the full program will be accessible on this page.

So you can get a little inspiration, here is the full Introduction to Cleansing, including testimonials from some people who went through the cleanse.

  • Intro - Sick & Tired -
  • Cleanse testimonial-1 -
  • Genetic Destiny or Tendency -
  • Fatigue-Fibromyalgia testimonial -
  • Toxins from Outside -
  • Move, Sleep, Think -
  • Bl Sugar-HBP testimonial -
  • Toxins from Within your Gut -
  • What is Missing in your Life -
  • Types of Cleanses -
  • Supplements and Other Food choices -
  • Activities -
  • What do You Want -
  • SPCleanse is Great testimonial -
  • Benefit of the Audios -
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  1. If you haven’t watched or listened to the “Introduction”, please do that first.
  2. You open/download the accompanying slides by clicking on the link with “SLIDES” in the title.  Have those printed out or view them on the screen as you listen to the audio.
  3. Open/Download the Cleanse Booklet Instructions This has the education for knowing how to do the cleanse  It is referred to during the audios, but is used frequently during the cleanse. 
  4. Open/Download the Cleanse Recipes & Shopping List – This is so you can have all the food available BEFORE you begin the cleanse and know the simple recipes as you go along.
  5. Open/Download the Cleanse Workbook – Daily Plans This gives you the step-by-step instructions food and activities throughout each day
  6. At least a few day before you plan on starting the cleanse, Open/Download “Presentation #2”, “Week 1” SLIDES and listen to the accompanying audio.  (see below) .   

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