Understanding How CBT Works

It is not necessary to watch these videos to be able to apply the techniques, but it will certainly help you understand them…and perhaps give you a bit more motivation. At the HEART of CBT is recognizing that …“It’s not the EVENT which causes our Emotions or Body Physiology changes; it is how we INTERPRET […]

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Attention Control (CBT-AC)

The ability to not be distracted is also the ability to not be irritated. Summary of Attention Control Techniques There are three important points to keep in mind when practicing attention control exercises:  Concept 1: ID your Awareness Stage of Tinnitus. (R. Hallam’s Tinnitus book, p 32) Concept 2: ID sensations or experiences you “attend

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Thought Challenger (CBT-TC)

You recall that the loudness or one’s tinnitus is not directly related to the irritation one perceives with their tinnitus. Certainly, we want the sound to go away, but let’s not wait for that moment to regain peace and control in our mind. The Challenge Your Thoughts technique is old and simple, like a monk,

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Relaxation Audios and Materials

This is the download for the pdf of worksheets and notes that go along with the audios below. This document covers all the topics listed above:  Stress Reduction Handbook This document covers worldview, explaining how a worldview from a Christian perspective can reduce stress, but is also extraordinarily logical.  Stress Reduction –Worldview And here is

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