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Dealing with Relapse

It is common for symptoms to come and go over time, but if you are reasonably diligent with the Prevention lesson, you will see 3 or more things happen: If your tinnitus does relapse, dive back into the Prevention lesson for tips to reapply or apply in a different or better way this time through. Also, look […]

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What is the best way to prevent tinnitus, or a relapse, a resurgence of tinnitus symptoms?  Before going through this program, you might have said something like. “Avoid very loud noise exposure.” or “Don’t take ototoxic medications.”  Those are certainly wise suggestions and will help, but now you know that several predisposing factors and the

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Habits & Self-Therapies

 Most of the topics within this Habits & Treatment lesson series use the one 15-min video: Habits to Avoid and Therapy to Apply.  I  recommend that you watch the whole video through once here.  Then open each topic, and read the application notes and see if there are attached materials that you find helpful. The

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