Stage 4: Continue with Habits

Stage 4: Discontinue the Trigger Point therapy and Continue with the “Habits & Self-Treatments” lesson information.

Stage 1: Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)

Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) ­ Moderately deep pressure applied to the muscle to remove thewaste products to reduce the chemical irritation of the muscle and nerve endings inside themuscle. This then reduces the muscle tension, pain, and referred sensations, like pain, tingling,pressure, and tinnitus. Reduced tension and pain helps break the cycle of irritation in …

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Evaluation of Tinnitus Trigger Points

As you work through the topics in this lesson, you will download the Trigger Point Evaluation Record Sheet and watch Self Trigger Point Therapy for Tinnitus – thorough EVALUATION. This will get you familiar with and confident in finding the trigger points that are causing your tinnitus.

Habits & Self-Therapies

 Most of the topics within this Habits & Treatment lesson series use the one 15-min video: Habits to Avoid and Therapy to Apply.  I  recommend that you watch the whole video through once here.  Then open each topic, and read the application notes and see if there are attached materials that you find helpful. The …

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