Tinnitus Sounds altered by Jaw, Head, or Neck Movement

This brief review came for an osteopath who helped resolve tinnitus for one person by burning the nerves of the upper neck.  Well, I suppose that could be a good solution, but I personally prefer the approach of Trigger Point Therapy massage to remove the irritating toxins (www.tinnitussynergy.com).

” A study by Rubinstein et al in 1990 found that

  • 30% of those with tinnitus can modify their symptoms using forceful movements of the jaw and pressure applied to the temporomandibular joint.
  • This is further supported by evidence found in a 2003 study by Levine et al which showed that about 80% of “non-clinical” subjects who had ongoing tinnitus at the time of testing could modulate their tinnitus with head and neck contractions and approximately 60% of those with no tinnitus at the time of testing could elicit a tinnitus-like auditory perception with contractions of the head and neck.
  • These results were also similar in the profoundly deaf patients in the study. This furthermore strengthens the tie between the somatosensory system and its influence on the auditory system.

Our patient was able to modulate the severity of his tinnitus with similar maneuvers” Resolution of Long Standing Tinnitus Following Radiofrequency Ablation of C2-C3 Medial Branches – A Case Report Karina Gritsenko, MD, William Caldwell, DO, Naum Shaparin, MD, Amaresh Vydyanathan, MD, MS, and Boleslav Kosharskyy, MD – 2014