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Posterior Neck muscles MFR – CLIP

This video clip helps you start to understand the technique of doing myofascial release (MFR) on yourself. This is an advanced technique that few therapist of any profession know how to do. Oh, it’s not rare, but neither is it common. The more chronic the problem, the more likely MFR will be needed. MFR of …

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Posterior Neck muscle TPT – CLIP

This video gives you a good idea of how the treatment of trigger points is clearly different from the evaluation for trigger points. Yet, it is not difficult when you follow along with the clear explanations and helpful graphics. TPT of the Posterior Neck muscles

Important Points in Muscle Therapy

These 3 video clips highlight some of the key points to remember as you do the therapy. Overview of TPT & MFR Don’t hurt yourself What is and How to do MFR

MC-t Overview (in TinSyn sample)

The Muscle Care for tinnitus (MC_t) course is quite thorough and walks you carefully and clearly through all the steps I walk my own patients through.You benefit from their experience and my experience and knowledge to be able to determine what is the best path for your recovery. Below, I show and explain the content …

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Based on the analysis of your Tinnitus Recovery score, specific ADT-s content will be loaded into the actual ADT-S Training Options page.  You will click the image below to skip to the appropriate ADT-s training program.  Additional training levels can be purchased separately and loaded automatically below. After you complete the recommended one, a discount …

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