Professional help

Maximize your results with Professional help Can you do this on your own?  Well, MANY people do. There is clearly a benefit to enlisting professional help to help do the trigger point therapy and myofascial release, but there is a detriment also.  If you don’t apply all these techniques to your sustained recovery, AND you […]

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Healthy Brain Diet & Supplementation

Maximize your results with Healthy Brain Diet & Supplementation There are a few research studies that suggest benefits from supplementation, especially if you are deficient in those particular nutrients. Since tinnitus is clearly involving nerve dysfunction or irritability and probably inflammation, improving nerve health and stability are good targets for preventing and recovering from tinnitus. 

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Maximize Results with the HBL-t

If you had significant scores in the Healthy Brain Lifestyle categories in the tinnitus Recovery score, pay particularly close attention.  Those include: Eating, Exercise & Posture, and Stress/Relaxation. Although the science is growing rapidly, there is still uncertainty about which tinnitus sufferers will respond well to specific changes in lifestyle, but in other areas of

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