What Path Should I Take?

I hope you have been enlightened by your tour of the tinnitus synergy course. In Tinnitus Synergy, we help you carefully consider and refine, or even overhaul, numerous aspects of your health. The focus, naturally, is on helping you reduce the irritation and volume of tinnitus. You will notice that we help you focus on …

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Habits & Self-Therapies (in TinSyn sample)

We have included the full Habit #1- Move Regularly video chapter. These habits and therapies are really important, and sometimes critical, to quick, complete, and long-term success. In the full video, we discuss 5 habits and a couple bonus topics.

Evaluation (in TinSyn sample)

As you work through the topics in this lesson, you will download the Trigger Point Evaluation Record Sheet (available in the paid version) and watch Self Trigger Point Therapy for Tinnitus – thorough EVALUATION. This will get you familiar with and confident in finding the trigger points that are causing your tinnitus. This video (a short clip of the …

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Tinnitus Synergy – The Best Path (in sample)

Navigate over to “The Best Path” in the paid Tinnitus Synergy – All-inclusive course. It is an open access lesson in the Tinnitus Synergy — All-inclusive course. Once you’re done over there, you can select the “Resume” button, or back-arrow to here and click “Mark Complete” or “Next Lesson” in this lesson to proceed.

Intro to Tinnitus Synergy SAMPLE

When you purchase membership to the Tinnitus Synergy program, you gain access to all 3 phases. This full, 3-phase Tinnitus Synergy program is the full expression of Dr. Hobbs’ distance learning, self-help series. Nothing is held back, and it is always being improved. Once you’ve been introduced to the best practices in this course, you …

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