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Nearly eliminated the buzzing

Thank you so much for taking time to share this.  I tried this, and it nearly illuminated the buzzing in my years!!!!  THANKS!!!!

volume of about 7 to only 1

Hi Doc, Thank you so very much for making this video. Some of my TP made in the ringing louder, but by working the sore muscles in my jaw area and the mastoid, my intermittent ringing went from a volume of about 7 to only 1. INCREDIBLE!

Sir, I want to thank you. These are the exact points I automatically massaged when suffering from migraine. These muscles are so hard that I have blurred vision. I never was sure if I do more harm by pressing there, but now with your video I know how to do it right. I promised myself …

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That really works great !

Omg that really works great ! The moment i started to pinch my neck area , the sound reduced & was almost gone !

It worked. after one week.

Thank you so much for your help. I followed the steps on your instruction videos. It worked. after one week. The noises are softer and not continuous. I love it! No medications, no instruments, no hassles treatments. Thanks again.

It seems to be working!

God bless you! I have a spinal cord compressed by c6 and causes a severe headache and dizziness. i tried this very carefully and It seems to be working!