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This will be the page you will go to access all the information you will need to keep you on track for the Tinnitus Synergy Program. 

 When you see this note, you are not logged in with the correct Subscription to see the Member information.  

If you know you ave the correct membership, simply log in.

Be certain you have done these steps:

  1. Complete the questionnaires to learn if you can be helped and how:
    1. Part 1: Fill out the Healthy Brain score questionnaire.  (More info. in the How to Use Your Healthy Brain Score handout).
    2. Part 2: Fill out the ATPI & THI questionnaire?  It may take a couple days to enter it into our database.  This has very helpful information:
      • The ATPI is the Auditory & Tinnitus Profile Identification tool, which assesses the unique characteristics of your tinnitus.  The THI is 25 questions that rate your tinnitus severity.
  2. Complete the brief Program Agreement so you understand what you are getting.
  3. Purchase the Tinnitus Synergy full program (or just a part).  Do that here:  Tinnitus Synergy program purchase options.  When your purchase goes through, you come back to this page and check your email for further instruction. 

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