Topic Category: Muscle Care

Eval part 5: 3-Neck: Levator Scapula

Please watch Part 5 eval: Neck: Levator Scapula to learn the specifics of this critical posterior neck muscle that hugs your neck as it functions to raise your shoulder. Do you feel like your shoulders are tense, pulling up to your head? This muscle is likely involved.

Eval part 4: 2-Temporalis

Please watch Part 4 eval:: Temporalis muscle to learn where and how to evaluate this other jaw-clenching muscle correctly. This one is located on the side of your head.

Eval part 3: 1-Masseter

Please watch Part 3 eval: Masseter Muscle to learn where and how to evaluate this jaw-closing muscle correctly.

Eval part 2: Do it correctly!

Please watch Part 2 eval: Do it correctly! to learn the technique that will insure you don’t pass right by and miss the key trigger points. Also, learn how not to hurt or strain yourself in the process.