Cleansing for Better Health (link, open)

Here is a quick link to the Cleansing for Better Health course, for convenient use later.

The Cleanse course is a bonus. It is a 3-week crash course in learning to apply the whole Healthy Brain Lifestyle course. This is the one we used to do as live, group events.

I promote doing cleanses

Stress comes in the form of Mental/Emotional, Structural (like posture), Pain, and Chemical(virus, bacteria, toxins). Here were talking about Mental/Emotional stress, which I’ll call Mind stress here. Mind stress is SUPER powerful in tinnitus. As you may know, some people can have very loud tinnitus and have only a little irritation, while some have relatively quiet tinnitus and have irritation to the point of suffering bad anxiety or depression.

Mind stress can be unconscious, but affecting both the conscious mind and physical body. Whether conscious or unconscious, mind stress can cause tinnitus symptoms to worsen or not recover. Almost certainly, you would have less stress if you didn’t have tinnitus, but it is critical to begin mastering the power of mind stress over your mind and body, even while you still have tinnitus. This will certainly speed your recovery, and it may even be necessary.

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