Intro to The Healthy Brain Lifestyle

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Sleep is Good

The Healthy Brain Lifestyle elements were each designed as individual programs, but we didn’t learn this in school.

As I treated patients over the years (since before 1995), I saw people come to me to help them resolve their pain or some other body dysfunction. I would do a thorough history and exam. If they had a condition that I thought I could help them with, I would determine the treatment plan that I felt was best for them. This worked out pretty well, and as my knowledge and skills have improved, so did the difficulty of cases I have seen and helped people with.

But even before I graduated chiropractic college, I was asking, “Why? Yes, I recognize that our treatment is effective for many people and that it restores proper function through the nervous system, the master system of the body, allowing the body to work more like it was designed to work, but why is there a problem in the first place? If the body is so good at healing itself, why does it need my treatment at all?”

t turned out that not too many people in my profession were asking that question. And it’s definitely one of the best, if not the best, professions for helping people get to the cause. But I certainly wasn’t the first to ask the question. Dr. Palmer and his son, the founders of chiropractic, researched and wrote books about this.

They recognized that Trauma, Toxicity, and Thought were the foundational causes of disease and health. Sometimes we categorize these as Structural, Chemical, and Mental. In our program, we break them down into the building blocks of what you Eat, Drink, and Breathe, and how you Think, Sleep, and Move.

Okay, sorry for being so historical. With a passion to help people get to the cause of their condition, I was very uncomfortable having people return to me again and again with the same problem. I recognized that there are professions out there which focus on each of these areas, and it’s wonderful if you access them and benefit from their expertise and coaching. I saw that this was not happening in most cases, and people have limited time and finances to to this. So, I started giving basic advice about how people could help themselves to stay out of pain and in health. Since I was doing this so often, I began making handouts and eventually I developed courses with booklets and audio companions. Sometimes, as with the Whole Body Cleanse, we did group classes where people could all go through the process at the same time, and meet once a week for the next step, for updates, and to be encouraged by myself and other participants.

Every few years, I go back through the material and verify its accuracy, in light of new scientific developments and clinical experience. i have been repeatedly surprised how relevant and accurate much of it has been over the years, and still is. So, you may see some material that seems quite old. That’s okay, rest assured that it is relevant and very useful today.

Much of this material has been available to my patients online for years. Now I am opening it up to a broader online audience, including you.

Embrace it and Enjoy the fruit of our, and your, labor.