Eating: Return to Quality Food (link, open)

Here is a quick link to the Return to Quality Food course, for convenient use later.

If your Tinnitus Recovery score and Priority Sheet suggested that you would benefit from focus here, this is really good news, because this is so foundational to recovery and health in so many ways. There are many fads in what your should eat and drink, and science itself seems to change as often as major fashion trends. But don’t be fooled, science doesn’t change, scientists’ interpretation change. And even more so, industry changes its message about what science says. We begin this short journey to Return to Quality Food with principles that don’t change — principles of healthy eating and drinking that you can use to cut through the ever-changing winds of nutritional opinions so that you can sail to your destination of a healthy brain and body that promotes normalization of the nervous system and reduction of tinnitus. Yes, it can be challenging, but the potential benefits are very significant and far-reaching.

So you can get a taste of the more in-depth information, here is Track 1 – “Where has Food Gone Wrong?”

Where has food gone wrong?

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