Sleep: Sleep is Good; Good Sleep is Better (link, open)

Here is a quick link to the Sleep is Good; Good Sleep is Better course, for convenient use later.

Sleep is Good

If your Tinnitus Recovery score and Priority Sheet suggested that you would benefit from focus here, this is not surprising. Just as with stress, sometimes it is hard to tell if poor sleep is causing tinnitus symptoms to worsen or not recover or if tinnitus symptoms, in the still and quiet of night, or making it hard to sleep. The answer is both. Of course, you would sleep better if you didn’t have to try to not think about the sound in your head, and of course, poor sleep causes your tinnitus to be louder, or at a least harder to deal with. Everything is harder to deal with when we have poor sleep or too little sleep.

Brain health is tightly linked to good sleep. The “Glymphatic system” is most active during restful sleep. It’s like the lymphatic system, but it cleans junk out of your brain. It is important to become a good sleeper. You can improve, even in your current condition and environment, with some careful consideration and help.

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