Move for Health: Exercise, Posture, and Ergonomics (link, open)

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Exercise is very important, but posture and activity throughout the day is actually more important. Of course, we want the best we can get for a reasonable amount of time and effort. We cover the best (most effective and quick) exercise approaches and teach you how to find simple, inexpensive solutions for posture sitting, sleeping, and moving problems that are causing you irritation or that could be turned to benefit you in truly profound ways.

If your Tinnitus Recovery score and Priority Sheet suggested that you would benefit from focus here, this is really good news. Brain health is tightly linked to physical movement and fitness. Tinnitus is a brain and body issue. Movement for health is the most direct and immediate way to improve your brain and body…and then your tinnitus. It’s not “the thought that counts,” when it comes to exercise.

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