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Introduction (Return to Qlty Food) - Principles of Quality Food - Eating Approaches - Compensatory Eating Approaches - Fats and Oils - Carbohydrates - Introduction - Carbohydrates - Grains and legumes - Carbohydrates - Vegetables - Carbohydrates - Simple Sugars - Fruit and Juices - Protein Overview - Protein Dairy, Meat, Eggs - Protein as [...]

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Whole Body Cleanse

   Cleanse Your Whole Body    To “Cleanse” means to clean out.  This involves what you Eat, Drink, Breathe, and how you Think, Move and Sleep.  It is living in a way that supports brain (and whole body) health.  It means addressing what goes in to your body and mind in order to support the natural growth, maintenance, and

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Return to Quality Food

  Return to Quality Food    Returning to Quality Food means Eating and Drinking in a way that supports brain (and whole body) health. This is a critical  part of the Healthy Brain program (HBp) and the Tinnitus Synergy program. Oh, yes, there is much we don’t know, but there are principles that have never changed. Those

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Healthy Brain Lifestyle

Our research has shown that those with a “Healthy Brain Lifestyle” respond better to the other tinnitus treatments.  Research by others has shown that the “Healthy Brain Lifestyle” approach provides consistent and significant improvement for the majority of tinnitus sufferers. This program includes a treasure chest of helpful information in the form of audios, worksheets,

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