ADT-S Maintenance

   Auditory Discrimination Therapy – maintenance     This is an occasional auditory training to maintain the neuroplastic brain changes.  This is optional and not needed by everyone.  Most people find it helpful to spend a few minutes a week doing frequency-specific auditory training, working to maintain their improvements (like one would practice a sport or musical instrument to

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Muscle Care (in TynSyn)

This is by far our most popular program, and for good reason — it’s so effective. We haven’t done the formal research yet, but I am confident that more people with persistent, chronic tinnitus have their irritation and volume reduced by these techniques than any other approach. We are glad to have you aboard and

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Welcome to the paid course

Welcome to Tinnitus Synergy..officially. I’m so glad that you have joined a growing number of people who are coming to understand the causes of tinnitus and are taking action to apply solutions. I talk to people from around the world weekly who are applying our Tinnitus Synergy solutions and are reducing or eliminating their tinnitus…and

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Intro to the Healthy Brain Lifestyle (in TinSyn)

The Healthy Brain Lifestyle is good for everyone. Please view the following introductory information to become familiar with it. Our research has shown that those with a “Healthy Brain Lifestyle” respond better to the other tinnitus treatments.  Research by others has shown that the “Healthy Brain Lifestyle” approach provides consistent and significant improvement for the

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Intro to Tinnitus Synergy

This full, 3-phase Tinnitus Synergy program is the full expression of Dr. Hobbs’ distance learning, self-help series. Nothing is held back, and it is always being improved. We will walk you carefully through implementation of this course so that you get the most out of it and do it in the most efficient way. Your

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